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School and Staveley Road Wildlife Area Revamps

WILDCHISWICK is helping Cavendish School revamp their wildlife area.  This will become a place for the children to learn about wildlife and have a mindful area in which to learn. Help from the public would be most appreciated.  18th September has been set by Emma Lennard, School Governor, to being clearing the area.  Please email us if you can come along with some tools to help out, even if just for an hour!

WILDCHISWICK has also taken on the task of revamping the wildlife area on the Staveley Road allotments.  This area has been left for several years and needs a clear out and a new pond liner.  We will then replant to attract wildlife.  We hope local children and adults alike will the be able to visit and see how  to make a garden wildlife friendly.

We will need help through funds, donations of plants and volunteers to help clear. Please email if you can help us in any way!

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