Allotment Revamp

Who says we do not work hard!  Volunteers working on the pond at the Wildlife Allotment, Staveley Road.  The allotment will have different areas that will be attractive to different animals.  A variety of habitats is good for boidiversity.  When finished, we hope people will visit and take away ideas for their own green spaces!

Thanks to Chiswick Horticultural and Allotment Society and Hounslow Council Thriving Community Grant for help in making this wildlife allotment a reality. We are very grateful for the funding!

We were delighted to be given permission by the Council and CHAS to renovate the wildlife plot at Staveley Road allotments. This area was created by Karen Liebreich from Abundance London.  Unfortunately it has been left over recent years and needs a bit of a face lift.

Why bother?  The more wildlife friendly green spaces we can make the better for biodiversity across Chiswick.  A strong. healthy biodiversity is also good news for humans.

Once the site is cleared and replanted we will be opening it up for the public to come and learn more about wildlife and how to garden to help it thrive and survive.

We do need some donations to help with this project.  We need tools, plants, waste removal and a shed would be lovely to keep us dry and in the future act as a base for any visitors. 

If you feel you can help us with this project and donate, please click on the button below.  We are keen for more funding for planting.