National Hedgehog Monitoring Programme

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Yesterday, 20th June, a large group of volunteers worked to put out 30 trail cameras across a 1km area of Chiswick. This was part of the new National Hedgehog Monitoring Programme (NHMP) set up by PTES, British Hedgehog Preservation Society, Nottingham Trent and Durham University … Read more


We are excited to have Gino Brignoli return and talk to us about Soil Biodiversity. Some of the most impressive biodiversity hotspots can be found beneath our feet. Scientists believe that 50% of the world’s species live in the soil. Without this biodiversity, most animals … Read more

Working with Schools

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As a community group we feel it is important to work with local schools. We often go into primary schools and talk during assemblies about wildlife. We have hosted secondary school pupils at our wildlife allotment and they have helped make it wildlife friendly. Today … Read more

Hedgehog Fun!

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It’s Hedgehog awareness week and a good time for children to learn a bit more about this gorgeous creature not often seen and on the red list vulnerable to extinction in the UK. On 12th May, 1pm until 2.30pm, Dukes Meadow Community Centre. Come along … Read more

Hedgehog (Fact) Hunt

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Come and join us outside the Chiswick House Cafe and start our hedgehog (fact) Trail! Bank holiday Monday 6th May, 10.30am until 2.30pm. You will be given your first clue to find hedgehog facts across the grounds. Returning to us at the Cafe to tell … Read more

Swifts – ancient bird yet vulnerable to extinction. How can we help?

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Only on our shores for 3 months of the year to breed, the Swift is an ancient and most amazing bird!  Not landing from birth until approx. 3 years old they eat, sleep, drink, and mate on the wing.  They adapted well to urbanisation, and took to … Read more

Photo credit: Jon Perry

Watch out for Asian Hornets


Asian Hornets are spreading across the South East of the UK and causing problems with bee hives. They are also a threat to our wild bees and other pollinators. Please read the article in Chiswick Calendar written by our Founder, Jo Gilbert. Click here to … Read more

Snout’s First Trip Out! A book written for hedgehogs (and young humans)


Joanne Gilbert, Founder of WildChiswick, has written a book for children about hedgehogs. This is a children’s book with beautiful illustrations, a lovely story with an educational element explaining what hedgehogs need from us to help them survive.   The book costs £6.99 plus postage … Read more

Case Studies on Amphibian Rescues at Chiswick Business Park

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For several years now a determined group of volunteers have been rescuing newts and toads from the Chiswick Business Park where they hibernate before heading to the lake in Spring to spawn. Here are two case studies, written by Sivi Sivanesan, that cover the work … Read more