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Chiswick hedgehogs need you!

We are giving a big push to encourage help for Chiswick hedgehogs by asking people to book the drilling of a hole in their fence to let hedgehogs into their gardens.


Hedgehogs need to travel over a mile each night to find food, a mate and a place to nest. By opening up gardens they will have more access to habitats needed for their survival. A hedgehog highway across gardens in urban streets means they are less likely to be run over. Providing a hedgehog hole, and a garden that is wildlife friendly, is the best way to help our dwindling population of hedgehogs.

The hole only needs to be 13cm in diameter. Guess what? We will do it for you!

We give a free plaque with every hole drilled.

Email to become part of the Chiswick hedgehog highway and help hedgehogs.

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