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A celebration of nature in Chiswick

Now our competition is closed, we will share with you a range of entries here for you to enjoy and celebrate the wonderful nature that can be found in Chiswick.

My Nosey Neighbour

I bumped into this visitor behind our garden shed.  The female fox and I were both taken aback and froze but I was captivated by her beautiful eyes and managed to reach my phone in my pocket and grabbed my chance.  She has become a regular visitor from the wild garden next door and I later discovered she had produced five cubs. (Credit: Margaret Collins)

Aphid Overdose

I wanted to take the photo of this ladybird and then the aphids intervened, squirming away to avoid being eaten, no wonder he/she was static, aphid overdose…… Can’t hold the camera as steadily as I would like , so I have to locate stationary subjects as far as possible, this ladybird was so full of aphids he/she could not move, so my ideal subject. (Credit: Joseph Roy Forshaw)

Nature’s Own Fried Egg

A beautiful flower that reminds me of something! (Credit: Joanne Prokop)

Blue Bug on a Rose Bush

We were looking at the roses along Wellesley road and found this bug. I thought the colour was so cool. (Credit – Jack Donnelly, 4-9yrs)


ripening currants on a background of green leaves.. beautiful and delicious. (Credit – Gabi Golonka 10-16yrs)

Egyptian Goose

Egyptian Goose,
About to fly, or
Coming back, just a snap. (Credit – Carlos Luna)

Toad in Car Park

Toad rescued from a car park on its migration towards the lake at Chiswick Business Park. (Credit – Clare Arnold)

Preening Heron

This picture shows one of Chiswick Houses’s resident herons. In is not uncommon to see these birds around the area, standing dead still fas they await for a passing snack, but it’s unusual to see them looking imperfect. (Credit – Luca Wiseman 10-16yrs)

Pretty as a Peacock

My back garden is very petite, but when this beauty arrived I was over the moon for the moment of nature’s loveliness given to me for a brief moment. (Credit – Alison Quince)

Close Up Squirrel

The beautiful face shows the squirrel’s unspoken wish for their favourite nuts. They are so sweet! (Credit – Teresa Lynch)

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