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Snout’s First Trip Out! A book written for hedgehogs (and young humans)

Joanne Gilbert, Founder of WildChiswick, has written a book for children about hedgehogs.

This is a children’s book with beautiful illustrations, a lovely story with an educational element explaining what hedgehogs need from us to help them survive.  

The book costs £6.99 plus postage and packaging and £2.00 of every sale goes to our work at WildChiswick.  

Anyone who has met Jo, knows she has a passion for hedgehogs and what we can do in urban environments to help them survive.

That is exactly what this book is about!

Snout is a young hedgehog about to go out into the world with his two siblings and mother for the first time.

What will they see?  Who will they meet? What dangers will they face?

All will be revealed in this charming educational book.

Jo hopes the story will strengthen the knowledge about the plight of hedgehogs and encourage people to do more for them in their gardens – inlcuding putting in hedgehog highways.

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